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How to Use Your Patriarchal Blessing for Personal Growth

How to Use Your Patriarchal Blessing for Personal Growth

A patriarchal blessing is a sacred blessing given by a patriarch to a member of the church. In the blessing, the member receives personal direction from the Lord and his lineage in the House of Israel. The promises are eternal and, when studied consistently, a patriarchal blessing can bring peace, comfort, and protection.

After years of reading your patriarchal blessing, however, it can be hard to stay connected to the spirit of revelation you felt when you first received it. Here are some ideas on how you open the windows of heaven and use your patriarchal blessing for personal growth.

Understand It’s Importance

Of patriarchal blessings, President Thomas S. Monson once said, “Your patriarchal blessing is your passport to peace in this life. It is a Liahona of light to guide you unerringly to your heavenly home.”

All too often, we can brush aside our patriarchal blessing after the first few years. We may even feel the blessing isn’t applicable to us and doesn’t discuss the things we want it to. When we remember the eternal significance of our blessing, we will be able to read it with an added measure of the spirit and glean more than we may realize.

Read It Out Loud

Have you ever tried reading your patriarchal blessing out loud to yourself? If not, try it. As you speak the words, you may notice new things and receive additional inspiration. By speaking, you take more time to ponder each sentence and may read things differently out loud than in your head.

Reading your patriarchal blessing out loud can also help you memorize the most important passages. In times of trouble or worry, they will be more accessible in your mind and more likely to inspire you to act in a certain manner.

Write Down Your Spiritual Gifts

For most people, a patriarchal blessing mentions spiritual gifts. Consider reading through your blessing and making note of all the spiritual gifts it says you have. Then, ask yourself: are you working to magnify those gifts in your life. If not, you can ponder and make goals on how to do so.

Work Towards Blessings

It’s hard to read about promised blessings and wonder when they will ever come to pass. You can keep your hope elevated and your progress steady by doing all you can to work towards the promised blessings. While not all blessings will come to pass in this life, you can find peace as you continue to press along and live a full life believing in God.




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