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What Enoch Teaches Us About Serving God In the Midst of Our Inadequacies

In Genesis 5, we are told simply that “Enoch walked with God” and “he was not; for God took him.” However, latter-day scripture reveals a powerful story about a man who didn’t feel good enough to be called to be a prophet. By taking a closer look at Enoch’s story in Moses 6, we can better understand how to serve God in the midst of our own inadequacies.

Calls to Serve Come In Less Than Ideal Circumstances

When God called Enoch to cry the hard message of repentance to His people, Enoch faced less than ideal circumstances. He lists off a number of reasons why he was unqualified and a poor choice for the job. In Moses 6:31, Enoch bows before the Lord and says:

Why is it that I have found favor in thy sight, and am but a lad, and all the people hate me; for I am slow of speech; wherefore am I thy servant?

In our own lives, we may face obstacles like Enoch. We may have difficulties that hold us back or make us nervous. We may not feel connected to the people around us. We may be the unexpected choice or even the last choice for the task set ahead. Enoch teaches us that the Lord will qualify those whom He calls—we can expect calls to serve to come in unusual or challenging circumstances.

It’s Ok to Seek Understanding

Enoch spoke freely about why he felt inadequate before the Lord. Sometimes, we may feel ashamed that we aren’t bursting with excitement or faith. It’s alright to take our honest questions to the Lord and it’s especially important to share our whole hearts with Him. He will never degrade us or mock us for our questions. We should seek understanding with as much faith and humility as we can. This means we should ponder on why we may be an excellent choice and what options are available to us to fulfill the word of the Lord before turning to Him in prayer.

Holding to the Promises of the Lord

When Enoch shared his feelings, the Lord didn’t chastise him. Instead, the Lord strengthened Enoch with mighty promises. He told Enoch he would “give thee utterance” and would justify all his words. In Moses 6:34 the Lord says:

The mountains shall flee before you, and the rivers shall turn from their course; and thou shalt abide in me, and I in you; therefore walk with me.

Ponder on the wording of the Lord’s call. Walk with me. It is an invitation to come closer to Christ. It is an assurance that the Lord would journey with Enoch. We can take heart knowing the Lord will walk with us as we strive to do His will. We will be given the power to accomplish all that has been asked of us. Study and hold tight to the promises God has made to you.

See the Bigger Picture & Purpose

The Lord also asked Enoch to anoint his eyes with clay and wash them. When Enoch did so, he beheld a vision of God’s children. In order for Enoch to have the strength to fulfill his calling as a prophet, the Lord knew he would need to see things the way He saw them. Do we see the people around us the way God does? Do we place our struggles into a greater perspective? When we do, we will find peace. The Lord has a plan, not only for us but for everyone. He is in control and His work and purpose are great. Nothing can frustrate them.

Move Forward in Confidence

From the moment the Lord called with him, Enoch did as he was asked. He would stand upon “the hills and high places, and cried with a loud voice, testifying.” He didn’t shrink back from what the Lord wanted him to do. Trouble may still come and we may still face weaknesses, but we can move forward in confidence knowing that the Lord knows of our unique circumstances and how to help us.

How does the story of Enoch help you feel confident in serving the Lord?

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