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What President Nelson Has Said About Motherhood & Women’s Divine Endowment

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Motherhood is a divine principle in the gospel of Jesus Christ and an essential part of our Heavenly Parent’s plan of happiness. However, Latter-day Saint women around the world have a wide range of experiences with motherhood. Understanding how motherhood plays a role for all women, regardless of their parenthood, can be confusing and painful. 

President Russell M. Nelson’s teaching about what motherhood is and the divine endowment given to women brings peace and deepens our understanding. 

All Women Are Mothers

In his talk, Sisters’ Participation in the Gathering of Israel, President Nelson said, “Anytime I use the word mother, I am not talking only about women who have given birth or adopted children in this life. I am speaking about all of our Heavenly Parents’ adult daughters. Every woman is a mother by virtue of her eternal divine destiny.”

Understanding how this statement applies to you in your life will likely be a matter of great spiritual wrestling, especially if you have painful feelings about motherhood. However, President Nelson’s continued discussion on what our divine endowment is as women can help clarify what some of the aspects of motherhood are outside of parenthood. 

Women’s Divine Endowment

When President Nelson uses the term divine endowment, he is using powerful language that should have great significance to us! An endowment is a gift of power, knowledge, or capacity from God. He taught that this divine endowment given to women is vital to the gathering of Israel and the plan of salvation. 

“Men can and often do communicate the love of Heavenly Father and the Savior to others. But women have a special gift for it—a divine endowment. You have the capacity to sense what someone needs—and when he or she needs it. You can reach out, comfort, teach, and strengthen someone in his or her very moment of need,” he said. 

President Nelson reiterated this point in a recent address to women

“Sisters, you have a divine endowment that allows you literally to change lives!” he taught. “Sisters, please never underestimate the extraordinary power within you to influence others for good. It is a gift with which our Heavenly Father has endowed every covenant woman. As a covenant daughter of God, you have receptivity to the Spirit and an enhanced moral compass that give you the capacity to receive personal revelation and to discern truth from error.”

There are many attributes and traits listed in this quotes, but of particular note is a spiritual sensitivity and the ability to communicate God’s love to others. 

What are some unique gifts in these quotes you’ve seen in the women around you? Which of these gifts do you want to cultivate? 

The Influence of Women

President Nelson shared ways sisters can participate in the gathering of Israel and extend their influence. By following this counsel, all women can more effectively put on the robes of divine motherhood. 

“We need your voices teaching the doctrine of Christ. We need your ability as women to detect deception and to articulate truth. We need your inspired wisdom in your family, ward, and stake councils, as well as in other places of influence throughout the world. Your family, the Church, and the world need you! Sisters, no one can do everything, nor should you try. However, I know how crucial your part is in building up the kingdom of God.”

He spoke of immersing ourselves in the scriptures, visiting the temple often, and seeking to improve our personal prayers. 

When we do so, President Nelson blessed women with the power to change the world

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