What The Church of Jesus Christ Has Said About Halloween

What The Church of Jesus Christ Has Said About Halloween

Halloween can be an interesting time for Latter-day Saints. Due to the nature of the holiday, a lot of people wonder what they can and can’t do. What kind of parties can wards have? What kind of movies can we watch? Is it okay to let my kids dress as a witch or wear a mask? While there are no official statements from the Church about Halloween, there are doctrines and principles that can help you understand and even enjoy Halloween.

Good Report Or Praiseworthy

There are lots of good things to do on Halloween. When deciding to go trick-or-treating, trunk-or-treating, going to costume parties, or spending time with friends and family, we can use the guidance of Article of Faith 13 to help us make decisions. Article of Faith 13 says, We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men… If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.”

As you plan your Halloween activities you can use this counsel. Are your planned activities going to create fun family memories? Will they help become closer as a family? Will your plans lead you to do good? Will they draw the Spirit? Are there ways that we can make our activities better? As you follow these guidelines you can make sure your Halloween will be a good one.

Ward And Stake Activities

As wards and stakes plan activities, the Church Handbook suggests activities that strengthen faith in Jesus Christ, are inclusive to any and all who want to participate, and that provides an uplifting and fun atmosphere. It advises against “anything that is contrary to Church teachings. Activities may not include media or other entertainment that makes anything inappropriate seem acceptable.” When preparing activities, leaders should consider the spiritual and temporal needs of their members and plan accordingly.


What To Avoid

Several Church leaders have spoken about avoiding Satan and his practices. President James E. Faust said, “It is not good practice to become intrigued by Satan and his mysteries. The only safe course is to keep well distanced from him and any of his wicked activities or nefarious practices. The mischief of devil worship, sorcery, casting spells, witchcraft, voodooism, black magic, and all other forms of demonism should be avoided like the plague.” If there are any activities that would harm another person or yourself, or lead you away from the Spirit and the influence of Jesus Christ, they are best to be avoided.

We Can Choose What To Do

2 Nephi 2:5 says, “Men are instructed sufficiently that they may know good from evil.” Because their only a few teachings and no official statements about what to do on Halloween, the choice is up to you. As we each strive to follow the teaching and counsel of the Savior and our leaders and find edifying activities, we can make sure that we have a safe and happy Halloween.

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