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What to Do If You Struggle With General Conference

What to Do If You Struggle With General Conference

For many members of the Church, General Conference is a much-anticipated time where revelation will be received and warm memories will be made. However, there are many members of the Church who struggle with General Conference. It may be for small reasons, such as the long hours of sitting, or it may be for much larger reasons, such as discontentment with decisions made by our Church leaders.

Whatever the reason, if you have a desire to find spiritual growth during General Conference then a way can be made. God is here to help us draw nearer to him, even if it is difficult. Here are just a couple of thoughts on how anyone struggling with General Conference can get something out of it.

Make a Spiritual Game Plan

Preparation is key for General Conference. Without it, it is easy to become bored and frustrated. By coming with specific spiritual goals in mind, you increase the chance of communicating with heaven. Maybe you want to reaffirm (or rediscover) your testimony of a living prophet. Maybe you’d like to find something that feels applicable in what may seem like very generalized messages.

Write down your questions. Ponder over possible answers. Think about how you best receive revelation and walk into General Conference with a game plan on how you’re going to take control of what you get out of it.

Find a Medium That Works For You

There are many different ways to tune into General Conference. Take a look at all of the options and see if there is a way to watch that will inspire you. Thanks to technology, you can take General Conference practically anywhere. You can watch or you can listen. You can move about or sit still. You may even want to focus on reading the talks after they’re available online or printed in the Ensign.

You can find a list of viewing options and times here.

Seek Similarities, Not Differences

While there can be much to divide us, we can choose to focus on the things that bind us together. We may have differing opinions from our leaders or feel like we don’t belong. However, God would have us seek after our similarities.

As you listen to General Conference talks, try to find principles you can connect to. Look for what draws you closer together to your brother and sisters in Christ, not what tears you apart.

Focus on What Christ Is Teaching You

At the end of the day, General Conference is meant to bring you closer to Jesus Christ. If we keep that in mind, we keep our hearts open to what he would teach us. Do all you can to connect with the Holy Ghost. There is so much Heavenly Father wants to say to us beyond the words of our leaders. General Conference acts as conduit for those precious messages if we strive to have the ears to hear.

If you’ve struggled with getting something out of General Conference in the past, what has helped you?



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