Why Mormons Are So Happy

If you were to ask anyone about the Mormons, you’ll hear a lot of things. Chances are, you’ll get questions in return. One of the most common, however, may surprise you: Why do Mormons seem to be so happy all of the time?

I do not know all the answers to that question, but I have heard stories. And I know why I am a happy Mormon.


I receive emails from missionaries who are preaching the gospel of the LDS church. They tell me of the elation and the excitement that converts to the Church have when they receive new hope and faith. These newly baptized children of God were lost, but now they are found.

The Church gives them that hope, that light in their eyes. Well, the Church helps. The light comes from Jesus Christ and our teachings of Him enable that light to enter the eyes of all who listen and come forth.

We have light in our eyes and we have light in our lives.

I believe the light in Mormons’ eyes is not only a symbol of Christ, but a symbol of happiness.

God’s Truth

We have God and we believe that we have the fullness of His gospel.

What greater news is there than this? We know and believe in a Savior who died for us and in a God who is merciful.

The trials we face are not unique, but we have God to depend on, and Church leaders who inspire us.

This happiness is available to all, through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Moreover, we know what we need to do to grow closer to Him and each other. And that is contained in the scriptures.


When you have someone like God to depend on, you may as well be optimistic and hope for the best.

Things do not always go the way we plan them, but God knows what He’s doing.

And of course, we know we can always depend on Him.

Each Other

On top of all of this, we go to Church every Sunday. We have a family at home, but also a family at Church. There is often food and get-togethers, people that love and care for one another.

So yes, we are faithful, God-loving people, but we also have each other.

Everything Else

There is more besides all of these things. There is the sunrise each day, or when a baby laughs, little moments that make each day even better.

Sure, not every Mormon is always happy, but we have many reasons to be happy amidst our trials. Of all of the factors that play into happiness, our closeness to God and to each other are two vital factors that help Mormons be so happy.

At least, those definitely help me stay happy and positive.

The gospel and Jesus Christ are not on my mind at every moment, but I know who I am, why I am here, and who I can rely on. I am a daughter of God with a Savior I can depend on. And I am here to learn of Him and to improve myself. And that knowledge sure as anything lets me rest easy.

That is what keeps me a happy Mormon.

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