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Why Millennials Aren’t Marrying (Even Within the Church)

Why Millennials Aren't Marrying (Even Within the Church)

I recently had the opportunity to attend an LDS Influencers Conference. Designed to help members of the Church with influence on the online community, numerous topics are discussed, from statistical data on recent Church campaigns to how we can better share goodness through social media. Out of everything that was shared, one statistic about marriage left a lasting impression. “Millennials …

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Sorry, One Direction. I Know I’m Beautiful.

Sorry, One Direction. I Know I'm Beautiful.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the Payson Utah Temple. As I was driving home, I felt buoyant from the warmth of the sun and the Spirit. The only thing that marred the drive was the constant skipping of the old church CD I had playing. Figuring it was probably ok to ease back into the secular world, I …

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I’ll Never Forget the Moment I Thought God Was Dead

I’ll never forget the moment I thought God was dead. I was driving home from work, south on I-15 towards Provo, and trying not to cry. For months I’d been watching in bewilderment and horror as my relationship with God seemed to burn endlessly on until nothing but ash and soot remained. In the shock of it all, I couldn’t …

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I Told Christ I Had Leprosy. Here’s How He Responded.

There is a joke in my family about our skin. More specifically, my siblings and I berate our mother for a promise she made to us when we hit puberty. “By the time you go to college, your skin will clear up,” she told us. “I promise.” Needless to say, it was an empty promise and we never let her …

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“If The Apostles Fell Asleep, So Can I!”

Sleep On Now and Take Your Rest

My composure had broken. After twelve hours of standing in a terminal, sleeping on a cot, and wanting to cry, I decided to sit on the floor. I’d been avoiding it. Somehow, refusing to sit on the floor had become one last way to hold onto my role as a missionary. But now, with exhaustion setting in, and feeling helpless …

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What Suicide and Smooth Knees Have to Do With Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Gratitude

When I was in high school, my most influential teacher once said, “Great writers don’t write for money. They write because they have something to say.” It’s stuck with me, and now that writing has become my career and continued to be my passion, I constantly ask myself: “If I only had one chance to express my feelings, if this …

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