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The 4th of July

Summer is a fun season full of holidays & celebrations. The 4th of July is one of the biggest summer holidays. Check out this great family home evening lesson on the 4th of July! Scripture: Alma 46:12-13 Hymn: My Country of The Star-Spangled Banner Lesson: Nathan's Parade or The History of the 4th of July Treat: Lady Liberty Cupcakes or Uncle Sam Ice Cream Cones Activity: Family BBQ or Water Balloon Fight •View entire lesson...

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Holy Ghost

The Holy Ghost is there to help us in times of need and to testify of the truth. It can help us daily. Check out this family home evening lesson on the Holy Ghost! Scripture: Helaman 5:30 Hymn: "Dearest Children, God is Near You" Hymn 96 or "Listen, Listen" 107 Lesson: The Spider and the Still, Small Voice or An Unexpected Answer Treat: Taste a Rainbow or Clever Clovers Activity: Play Hot and Cold or Find the Leader •View entire lesson...

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Thanksgiving (Gratitude)

Looking for a Thanksgiving family home evening lesson to get your family into the Spirit of Thanksgiving? Check out this great lesson on gratitude. Scripture: D&C 59:7 Hymn: “Count Your Many Blessings” Hymn 241 Lesson: A Second Thanksgiving Treat: Marshmallow Pilgrim Hats or Tepee Treats Activity: "Duck, Duck, Turkey!" or Turkey Hunt •View entire lesson...

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