Friday, June 24, 2022

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Saints for All Seasons

We have seasons in our lives as well. Some are warm and pleasant. Others are not. Some of the days in our lives are as beautiful as pictures in a calendar. And yet there are days and circumstances that cause heartache and may bring into our lives deep feelings of despair. As I look over my own life, it is apparent that many of the times of greatest growth have come to me while passing through stormy seasons. Check out this great family home evening lesson on being Faithful every Season! Scripture: 2 Nephi 2:11 Hymn: How Firm a Foundation Lesson: Saints for All Seasons Treat: Dulce De Leche or Pull-Apart Bread Activity: Hymns, Service, Charades. View entire lesson...

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The Plan of Happiness

Our Heavenly Father has prepared a plan for us to be happy. This plan is known as the plan of salvation. It is also mentioned in the scriptures as the plan of happiness (see Alma 42:8). The Father’s objective is to grant immortality and eternal life to each of His children. Check out this great family home evening lesson on the plan of happiness! Scripture: 2 Nephi 9:13 Hymn: Families Can Be Together Forever Lesson: The Merciful Plan of the Great Creator Treat: Dirt Cake or Watermelon Cake Activity:A taste of degrees or I’m Going to Earth View entire lesson...

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