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A Letter to Heavenly Father on Father’s Day

A Letter to Heavenly Father on Father's Day

Dear Heavenly Father, You are all that a daughter or son needs. You are kind. You are merciful. You demand respect, but acknowledge weakness. You sacrifice for us, and even your Son was given to make up for our shortcomings. We may be confused at times, but you have a plan for all of us. It is a plan of …

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Why I Believe Heavenly Father Loves Basketball

When you think of the characteristics that describe our Heavenly Father, what comes to mind? Probably loving. Gentle. An omnipotent, all-knowing celestial being. What about how he looks? We know that our Heavenly Father has a body of flesh and bones, so maybe you imagine him with straight teeth, long hair and a beard – all a heavenly white color. …

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