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Returned Missionary Writes Thrilling Novel to Honor His Tongan Parents

While serving as a young missionary in the Australia Sydney South Mission in 1998, Sean Kikkert felt prompted to learn Tongan. Because of this prompting and subsequent preparation, Sean wasn’t surprised his mission president called him six months later to serve in the mission’s Tongan program. Although he didn’t realize it at the time, Sean’s friendships and experiences serving the …

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Here’s One Theory About What Happened to the Lamanite People

The Iroquois, who claim New York is their ancestral homeland, provide the clearest link to the Lamanites of Nephite times. They are now believed to have developed from the ancestral Point Peninsula populations living in New York around 600 B.C., into the later Owasco culture, and ultimately into the Iroquois. Francis Parkman R. said of the Iroquois: “Their war parties roamed over half …

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