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Family Relations

February is a month full of love and respect. The most important people we can and should show our love to is our families. Check out this great family home evening on Families! Scripture: Ephesians 6: 1-4 Hymn: “Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth" or "Families Can Be Together Forever" Lesson: Part of the Family or Elder Ballard's "Parent & Children" Treat: I Choo-Choose You Cupcakes or Sweet Heart Pops Activity: Play Family History Fun or Go out & Do something as a Family •View entire lesson...

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Christmas (Love)

Want to continue to keep the Christmas Spirit in your home? Check out this great family home evening lesson on selfless service and love! Scripture: Matthew 25:40 Hymn: “Silent Night” Hymn 204 Lesson: Christmas Thaw or The Last Carol Treat: Red-Nosed Reindeer Lollipops or Mm-moose Activity: Go Christmas Caroling or Make Christmas Cards •View entire lesson...

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