Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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Religious Freedom

As members of the Church we have the fulness of the gospel, but we can still learn much from our brothers and sisters outside our faith: The service shown by Mother Teresa, the strength shown by Gandhi, and the examples of many other people and organizations around the world that give time and money to those in need. We are truly blessed to have the privilege to worship “how, where, or what [we] may” and we should allow others to do the same (see A of F 1:11). While we may not agree with all their beliefs, we can search for the good in every faith, respect it, and use it to strengthen ourselves. Check out this great family home evening lesson on Freedom of Religion! Scripture: A of F 1:11 Hymn: Do What Is Right Lesson: What Religious Freedom Requires Treat: Smores On a Stick or Dessert Quesadilla Activity: Interfaith service, event, or lesson. View entire lesson...

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