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FHE Scripture


2 Nephi 4: 15

15 And upon these I write the things of my soul, and many of the scriptures which are engraven upon the plates of brass. For my soul delighteth in the scriptures, and my heart pondereth them, and writeth them for the learning and the profit of my children.

FHE Lesson Hymn


Scripture Power or As I Search the Holy Scriptures Hymn 277

Scripture Power

1- Because I want to be
like the Savior, and I can,
I’m reading His instructions,
I’m following His plan.
Because I want the power
His words will give to me,
I’m changing how I live,
I’m changing what I’ll be.

Scripture Power keeps me safe from sin.
Scripture Power is the power to win.
Scripture power! Everyday I need
The power that I get each time I read.

2- I’ll find the sword of truth
in each scripture that I learn.
I’ll take the shield of faith
from these pages that I turn.
I’ll wear each vital part of
the armor of the Lord,
And fight my daily battles,
and win a great reward.

As I Search the Holy Scriptures

1. As I search the holy scriptures,
Loving Father of mankind,
May my heart be blessed with wisdom,
And may knowledge fill my mind.

2. As I search the holy scriptures,
Touch my spirit, Lord, I pray.
May life’s myst’ries be unfolded
As I study day by day.

3. As I search the holy scriptures,
May thy mercy be revealed.
Soothe my troubled heart and spirit;
May my unseen wounds be healed.

4. As I search the holy scriptures,
Help me ponder and obey.
In thy word is life eternal;
May thy light show me the way.

FHE Lesson


*For Younger Children* Read this story and discuss the questions at the end. You may also want to use clipart to help tell the story.

Sammy liked to memorize scriptures. He couldn’t read yet, but he already knew six articles of faith and many verses from the Book of Mormon and Bible. Mom wrote a scripture on a card and drew a picture on the back to help Sammy remember. Sammy knew scriptures about the Savior, gratitude, service, the stripling soldiers, and Nephi. He felt good inside because he was learning the scriptures.

One Sunday before Primary opening exercises, Sammy waited reverently on the CTR 5 bench beside his teacher, Sister Taylor. He folded his arms and listened to the music. Then he heard Sister Hunter, the Primary president, talking to Sister Taylor.

“I just found out that the boy who was going to give the scripture is sick today,” Sister Hunter said. “I’m going to see if an older child can read a scripture for us on short notice.”

Sammy quickly thought about all the scriptures he knew. “I can give a scripture today,” he told Sister Hunter.

“That would be great, Sammy,” Sister Hunter said. “Can Sister Taylor help you find and read a scripture?”

“I don’t need any help,” Sammy said.

Sister Hunter and Sister Taylor looked surprised. “Are you sure?” Sister Taylor asked.

“I have lots of scriptures memorized,” Sammy said. “I just learned a scripture about King Benjamin. I could say that one.”

“OK,” Sister Hunter said. “Will you please come sit up front?”

Sammy felt his heart beat faster as he walked to the front of the room and sat down. He was a little nervous, but he was confident he could say the scripture.

After singing “Book of Mormon Stories,” Sister Hunter said that Sammy would give the scripture.

Sammy walked to the pulpit and stood on the step stool. He took a deep breath and then spoke into the microphone: “Mosiah 2:17. When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.”

Sammy stepped down and went back to his seat, smiling the whole way. A warm feeling came over him. He was grateful that he had helped Sister Hunter in Primary. And he was grateful that even though he couldn’t read, he could still learn the scriptures.
(Jill Jensen, “Sammy’s Scriptures”, Friend, Jan. 2011, 36–37)

*Discuss these questions as a family*
1- Sammy’s mother wrote something and drew a picture to help Sammy memorize what?
2- Why did Sister Hunter want to find an older child to help her?
3- What did Sammy tell Sister Hunter he could do?
4- How did Sammy help Sister Hunter?
5- How did Sammy feel when he sat back down in his seat?
6- How would you feel if you were Sammy?

*For Teenagers or Adults* Share and discuss the following story.
(Jeff B. Marler, “Finding My Second Wind”, New Era, Nov. 2010, 40–42)

I was a senior in high school and had joined the cross-country team mainly to get in shape for track and field events that took place later in the year. As part of our training, every morning before school our coach would have us run to his home, which was four miles from the school, and then run back again.

Several times after having made the eight-mile run my coach asked me if I’d “found my second wind yet?”

I’d always ask, out of breath, “What’s a second wind?”

To which he would reply, “You’ll know it when you find it.”

After several weeks of arduous training we finally had our first cross-country meet. It was well over eight miles long, with no stops and only an orange cone indicating the halfway mark. Knowing how difficult the last four miles had been for me every morning, I began to doubt myself even before the race began. But out of respect for my coach and with my competitive spirit, I positioned myself at the starting line.

The gun went off and we were on our way, trying to pace ourselves so we would have enough energy to finish. As usual, I could feel the burn and fatigue starting to build up with every stride I was taking. Well into the race I wobbled around a corner looking up a hill that seemed to be Mount Everest, only to see the halfway sign marked by the orange cone. I was exhausted. By this time I was feeling the temptation to quit. But relying on competitive drive still left in me, I made it to the top, with a weak, staggering run.

Suddenly something happened that I can’t explain fully. As I reached the crest of the hill, the words of my coach came to my mind, “Hey, Marler, have you found your second wind yet?”

At that moment, the question and the answer, “You’ll know it when you find it,” all came to light. As the burn, aches, and pains flooded through my body, as I was gasping for every breath, my whole body suddenly felt as if I had never started the race. I felt as if I was at the starting line, waiting for the gun to go off. I knew for the first time what a second wind was. I was able to finish the race and assist our team in winning the overall competition.

After the race I found my coach, and seeing the expression on my face, he said, “You found your second wind, didn’t you, Marler?” I will never forget the moment or the feeling I had. I know that anyone else who has experienced a second wind during a race can relate and will know what I have experienced.

I compare gaining a sure witness of the Book of Mormon to that experience of finding a second wind during a race. There is a parallel between hard physical exercise and hard spiritual exercise that eventually helps us reach a goal. I had trust and faith in my coach and knew that something good would come from his instruction. The same applies during our spiritual exercise and training. We don’t have to have a perfect knowledge of the things related to our study of the gospel; we put our faith and trust in the Lord through prayer, scripture study, attending our meetings, and worthily partaking of the sacrament. We also hearken to the words from His chosen servants.

I remember distinctly the time and place I found my spiritual second wind, my more sure witness of the Book of Mormon. I was in Scotland in my first assignment as a missionary in a little town called Barrhead just outside of Glasgow. I had been challenged by a Scotsman asking me how I knew the Book of Mormon was true. It was at that point I realized I had never received a sure witness or even put the book to the test as Moroni challenges us in Moroni 10:3–5. You first have to have a sincere desire to read the Book of Mormon; then you study and ponder the message with real intent and pray in faith, asking the Lord if it is true—something I had not yet done.

It was later one evening as I was kneeling by my bed in humble prayer that I received a feeling so powerful, so sweet, and so warm that it was as if I had just reached the crest of a hill in my spiritual race for truth and understanding. The Holy Ghost bore witness to my soul that the Book of Mormon was true. Like my physical second wind, no one can tell me that I imagined this witness. It was real! I knew it, and no one could take it away from me. From that point on, I had no problem bearing testimony of the Book of Mormon, living prophets, and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I could never deny it!

With physical exercise, you must continue working or your body becomes weak and endurance becomes a challenge. The same applies with spiritual exercise; it must be constant. If you stop, your spiritual endurance will become weak.

We all need to be persistent in our desire to know for ourselves the truth of the living Church restored in these the latter days. My spiritual second wind continues to be just as invigorating now as the day I received my first witness of the Book of Mormon in Scotland. I will never forget that moment in my life.

FHE Treat


Polar Bear Cubcakes or Hot Chocolate Cones

Polar Bear Cubcakes


Light-colored cupcakes, 1 regular and 3 mini
White frosting
Shredded coconut
3 large and 2 small white gumdrops
1 Junior Mint candy
Chocolate chips, 4 regular and 4 mini

Instructions: (How To Video)

1- First, frost the top, sides, and bottoms of both a regular-size cupcake and a mini cupcake with white frosting. For each cupcake, frost the bottom first; then use a fork stuck into the bottom to hold the cupcake while you frost the rest of it.

2- Roll the cupcakes in shredded coconut; then, working on waxed paper, set the cupcakes on their sides with the top of the smaller cupcake stuck to the bottom of the larger one to form the bear’s head.

3- Add 2 horizontal slices from a large white gumdrop for ears, a Junior Mint candy for a nose, and 2 chocolate chips for eyes. For each cub, frost a mini cupcake and a large gumdrop, then roll them in coconut and arrange them on their sides as shown. Add 2 horizontal slices from a small white gumdrop for ears, a chocolate chip nose, and 2 mini chocolate chip eyes.

Hot Chocolate Cones

To make, you will need:

3/4 cup cocoa mix
2 (6- by 12-inch) cone-shaped cellophane bags (available at party stores)
2 clear rubber bands (we used ponytail holders)
1/4 cup mini chocolate chips
3/4 cup mini marshmallows
1 large red gumdrop


1- Pour the cocoa mix into one of the bags. Close the bag with a clear rubber band, then trim the end of the bag 1 inch above the band.

2- Place the cocoa-filled bag into the second bag and flatten its top so the end doesn’t stick up.

3- Layer the chocolate chips and the marshmallows, then top with the gumdrop. Secure the bag with the other rubber band.

(Recipes taken from

FHE Game / Activity


1- Memorize a scripture as a family (perhaps some of the articles of faith; use the articles of faith songs to help younger children).

2- Set scripture study goals.

3- Read a chapter in the Book of Mormon as a family.

4- Talk about Lehi’s vision of the tree of life. Discuss how we can find answers and knowledge as we read the scriptures. Read the following scriptures:

Sariah, Sam, and Nephi
1 Nephi 8:13–14
Tree of Life
1 Nephi 11:21–22
Spacious Building
1 Nephi 11:35–36
People Mocking
1 Nephi 8:26–27
Strait and Narrow Path
1 Nephi 8:20
Iron Rod
1 Nephi 11:25
Mists of Darkness
1 Nephi 12:17
Spacious Field
1 Nephi 8:20
(Taken from: JoAnn Child and Cristina Franco, “The Scriptures Are the Word of God”, Friend, Jan. 2011, 40–41)

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Aleah Ingram
Aleah Ingram
Aleah is a graduate of Southern Virginia University, where she studied English, Creative Writing, and Dance. She now works full time as a marketing and product manager, writer, and editor. Aleah served a mission in California and loves baking, Lang Leav poetry, Gaynor Minden pointe shoes, and Bollywood movies.


  1. Thank you! I love your lessons, and the simple, yet powerful format they offer. I have teenagers and primary children, so this is perfect!

    • Thank you Michelle! It can be difficult to have FHE with both primary children and teenagers. Please let us know what things are working for your family.

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