Courtesy of Democratic Republic of the Congo Mormon Newsroom

Temple News & Updates | Week of 1 October 2017

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20th Operating Temple of the Church Set to Be Rededicated

The Jordan River Utah Temple, which was dedicated in 1981 as the 20th operating temple, will be rededicated in the spring of 2018. The temple has been closed since February 2016 for remodeling in the Celestial Room, bride’s room, initiatory areas, and the baptistry. Other modifications have been made to update outdated mechanical and electrical systems. The open house will take place from Saturday 17 March through Saturday 28 April 2018.


Reserve Your Spot For Open House Tours

Reservations for the Meridian Idaho and Cedar City Utah Temple Open Houses are now available. Dates and links to tickets are listed below.

Meridian Idaho Temple
Open House Runs Saturday 21 October – Saturday 11 November
Cedar City Utah Temple
Open House Runs Friday 27 October – Saturday 18 November
Progress in DRC
A felt underlayment has been applied to the roof of the Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple. This shield preceded the laying of roof shingles, which is underway. Crews are preparing to clad the steeple.
Courtesy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Mormon Newsroom


Oklahoma City Temple to Close

On Sunday 15 October 2017 the Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple will close for major renovation. The changes are anticipated to take over a year and will include changes to the exterior appearance of the building. Temple patrons will be accommodated at the Dallas Texas Temple.

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