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5 Incredible Role Models for LDS Young Women

5 Incredible Role Models for LDS Young Women

A famous musician once said, “I’m not a role model. I’m a role villain.” While many of our young people’s role models might never say this, we perhaps wonder if they realize the great influence they have on the rising generation. As a parent, one is prone to worry who their children look up to and admire. Who do you want your daughters to follow?

A lot of amazing women came to mind, and I thought I would list a few. If you don’t know who they are, learn more about them and make sure your daughters learn who they are – because I promise that if they look to these outstanding examples, they will be walking down a bright path.

1. Nadia Khristean:

nadia khristean

Nadia is an amazing musician and a dynamic personality whose goal is to seek out life’s problems and find solutions. She has been blessed with many talents, and one of those is music. said of her, “Nadia Khristean is an interesting person and a person of great interest. She is a multi-talented individual in many areas. She is a Mormon motivational singer/songwriter, a public speaker, co-founder of the Daddy Come Home Foundation, and an interior designer. She is also passionate about writing music for causes such as songs for families of fallen soldiers, anti-bullying, women and inner beauty, addiction recovery, and abuse.”

Nadia is a powerful example of a daughter of God who is looking to reach out to the one, but in this attempt, touches the lives of countless individuals. She just released a music video called Hit Undo where she tackles the topic of addiction and offers hope to those who have been trapped in the grips of bad decisions. She offers hope that at any point one can change through Jesus Christ.


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