Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Al Fox Carraway Shares Her Sparkling, Moving Testimony at Southern Virginia University

Popular LDS blogger and motivational speaker Al Fox Carraway spoke last week at Southern Virginia University, a private LDS school.

In the special devotional, Carraway shared her conversion story which included side-splitting stories of allowing the missionaries to teach her if they brought steak, her awkward first prayer in the Sacred Grove, and yelling at the missionaries in the middle of night when she wanted to be baptized.

Full of light, Carraway also shared the difficulties she faced after she joined the Church from her family disowning her to the judgement she faced when she moved to Utah and people saw her tattoos. In the end, her message to the students and staff was that if we all give God our “real try” we will find ourselves doing things and becoming things we never imagined and to never give up.

“Hard times will always be there,” she said. “And so will Christ.”

Carraway is currently speaking and promoting her new book, More Than The Tattooed Mormon. You can watch the full devotional above.



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