Angel Moroni, Stone Spires to Be Removed from Salt Lake Temple

Angel Moroni, Stone Spires Temporarily Removed from Salt Lake Temple

Church spokesman Daniel Woodruff released the following statement to media April 2, 2020, regarding the next phase of work on the Salt Lake Temple renovation:

“Workers at the Salt Lake Temple project site are installing a crane on the temple’s south side to begin removal of some of the stones on the temple spires that were displaced during the recent earthquake in Salt Lake City. Workers will then remove additional stones from the east and west sides of the temple for preservation during the project. They will also temporarily remove the angel Moroni statue. Scaffolding will be constructed around the temple spires for better access for workers. This work is expected to last several weeks.”

Please see the accompanying renderings for an idea of what this phase of work will look like. For regular updates on the progress of the temple renovation, please visit

Salt Lake Temple Crane in Renovation 2020

Salt Lake Temple Crane in Renovation 2020



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