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BYU Adopts Amnesty Clause for Sexual Assault Victims on Campus

BYU Adopts Amnesty Clause for Sexual Assault Victims on Campus

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Earlier this spring, Brigham Young University faced criticism for their policies revolving around rape and sexual assault victims and the Honor Code office. In response to the criticism, BYU President Kevin J. Worthen announced the school’s intention to solve the issue. This week, BYU completed their study and the Advisory Council on Campus Response to Sexual Assault made 23 recommendations.

All were accepted by President Worthen after review. Five recommendations to be implemented immediately, as listed in the official press release, are:

  1. Create a new, full-time Title IX coordinator position to replace the existing part-time Title IX coordinator position.
  2. Create a victim advocate / confidential advisor position.
  3. Create a new, physical space to house the Title IX Office in a location separate from the Honor Code Office.
  4. Ensure that, unless the health or safety of others is at risk, the Title IX Office does not share information with the Honor Code Office about the complainant without the complainant’s consent.
  5. Adopt an amnesty clause.

Along with the announcement came a personal letter from President Worthen.

“Our top priority has always been the safety and well-being of our students. This is particularly true for those who have been the victims of sexual assault.  They have been through a devastating experience, and they are looking for our help and support. We have an obligation not only to provide that support, both emotionally and spiritually, but also to create an environment where sexual assault is eliminated.”

You can read the full report from the Advisory Council, along with other updates and a Q&A session with the council, here.



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