Calling All LDS Members Who Have A Serious Health Condition

Calling All LDS Members Who Have A Serious Health Condition

If you’ve experienced a serious health condition, we could use your help!

*Click here to volunteer to be video interviewed about your health condition.

*Click here to volunteer to take an online survey about your health condition.

We’re trying to create an immense database of video interviews with several people who’ve experienced each health condition (physical, mental, etc.). The idea is that anyone will be able to freely browse hundreds of hours of videos with people who have any health condition, to learn the ins and outs about the condition.

For example, let’s say you want to learn about scoliosis. Maybe a friend has scoliosis and you want to learn how to best support your friend. You’ll be able to browse a few hours of video interviews with a variety of people who have scoliosis. You’ll be able to browse firsthand experiences by topic, to learn about what life with scoliosis is really like.

The videos will touch on topics, such as:

  • Symptoms
  • Advice/encouragement for people recently diagnosed
  • Firsthand experiences with different treatments
  • Surgery stories
  • Helpful resources
  • Difficult aspects of living day-to-day with the condition
  • Interesting things they’ve learned
  • etc.

The videos will be shared publicly on the Lifey Health website and YouTube channel (I ask your patience with our website, as we just started the website about a month ago, so it’s not nearly as amazing as it will be 🙂 ). You can see an example of one of our full interviews below!

How you can help

If you live in Utah, or are able to come to Utah to be video interviewed about a serious health condition you’ve had, please email me at

In the email please let me know what condition you had/have, your city/state of residence and if you’d be willing to be video interviewed in Provo, Utah about your experiences.

Thank you so much!

I really believe this resource will be helpful to people who experience life-changing illnesses, diseases and other medical conditions. I also believe it’ll be a good, therapeutic exercise for those with serious medical conditions to share what they’ve experienced with others.

I believe this project will help people better understand those with life-altering health conditions. There seems to be such a lack of awareness regarding many conditions that affect hundreds of thousands of people in a life-changing way. That shouldn’t be the case.

So, if you’re willing to help, please share this with anyone you know who you think might be willing to help. If they live in Utah and are willing to be video interviewed, great! If not, no worries, they can still help by filling out an online survey sharing their experiences and insights.

A little about myself

My name is Alex Balinski.

About four years ago I felt inspired to create a resource for missionaries called Prepare to Serve. I’ve worked hard to aggregate and create resources for pre-missionaries and their families- surveys, support groups, missionary blogs, video interviews, etc. After video interviewing more than 800 returned missionaries- from almost every LDS mission- I feel I’m ready to take on this new task of video interviewing people about their experience with medical conditions.

I have a lot of experience in the video interview space, and I haven’t seen anyone else create this resource yet, so I’m going to create it. I hope it will be helpful to you!

I’ll be adding to the database each week, so stay tuned. Next week I’m setting up a video recording studio in Provo where I will begin to video interview people about their experiences with disease, illness, etc.

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