Hillary Clinton Speaks Directly to Mormon Voters About Religious Freedom, Constitution

Hillary Clinton Speaks Directly to Mormon Voters About Religious Freedom, Constitution

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In an exclusive op-ed with Deseret News, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke about what she has in common with the Mormon population in Utah and Utah legislators.

“I’m running for president to make sure our country continues to live up to our founding principles,” Clinton wrote. She referenced Mormon history continually throughout the piece, comparing Republican nominee Donald Trump’s desire to ban Muslims to the extermination order given by Lilburn W. Boggs, quoting both Mitt Romney and Sister Rosemary M. Wixom, and speaking of past Church prophets.

“Americans don’t have to agree on everything. We never have. But when it comes to religion, we strive to be accepting of everyone around us. That’s because we need each other. And we know that it so often takes a village — or a ward — working together to build the change we hope to see,” Clinton wrote.

“As Sister Rosemary M. Wixom once said, ‘As individuals we are strong. Together, with God, we are unstoppable.’

Sister Wixom is right, and she’s not alone. Generations of LDS leaders, from Joseph Smith and Brigham Young to Gordon Hinckley and Thomas Monson, have noted the infinite blessings we have received from the Constitution of the United States.

The next president will swear an oath to preserve, protect and defend that document for successive generations. And if you give me the honor to serve as your president, I will fight every day to carry out that sacred responsibility.”

You can read the full letter here. It comes at a time when Utah has decidedly been declared as anti-Trump by many news organizations and third-party candidates are beginning to surge in Utah’s polls.


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