Friday, May 20, 2022
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How to Invite Others to Light The World

The Church of Jesus Christ’s annual Light The World initiative has officially begun. This year’s theme will be “Light The World With Love.” The Light The World campaign is an amazing time to show love and to serve those around us. It is also a great time to invite friends of all faith traditions to get involved and to learn more about the Church and the mission of Christ. Here are a few ways you can help others get involved with Light The World this year, regardless of their beliefs or familiarity with the Church.

Learn About Light The World

The first step to helping others get involved with Light The World is to learn about it yourself. You can visit for full details on what you can do to get involved. There are options to download a service calendar, get free Christmas music, and an interactive Christmas story experience. The Giving Machines have also been set up to receive donations in 10 locations across the United States.

Keep It Simple

In his most recent talk at General Conference, Elder Gary E. Stevenson counseled each of us to keep the Gospel simple. When inviting non-members to participate, Light The World can make it as simple as inviting a non-member to a Christmas party, sharing a post, or inviting them to join you for a shift at the cannery. And you don’t need to bake a Christmas feast to invite your neighbors over for Family Home Evening.

Normal And Natural

You know your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers the best. As you interact with them at home, online, and at work, look for normal and natural ways to bring up your faith or to get them involved. President Russell M. Nelson gave a great example of normal and natural fellowship when he visited an inactive Brother and took a genuine interest in him. As you get to know the people around you, you will better know how to invite them to participate in Light The World.

Invite All To Come Unto Christ

And if there are some people that you don’t know that well, now is a great time to get to know them! As we enter this Christmas season, we are reminded that God gave his Son for each of us. This Christmas season, each and every son and daughter of God deserves to be included, loved, and lifted up. There is not anyone undeserving of the love of Christ.

So as the initiative kicks off this year, take some time to learn what you can do. Then keep your eyes and heart open for opportunities to invite others as we each seek to Light The World.

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