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Jeremy Renner Mourns Loss of LDS Toddler With Cancer

Photos Courtesy of Michael Reese via Gephardt Daily, Facebook, Twitter

McKenzie “Kenzie” Reese, a two-year-old little girl who died of cancer Tuesday morning, was one of Jeremy Renner’s biggest fans.

Known for playing Hawkeye in the popular Avengers film franchise, Renner first met Kenzie and her family last year before the cancer diagnosis came.

Kenzie and Jeremy Renner

In June 2015, Kenzie was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a cancer which doctors deemed terminal and Kenize was given weeks to live. Miraculously, Kenzie fought valiantly for almost a year. As another Comic Con approached in March 2016, someone gave a request to the event for Kenzie to meet Renner again. They were able to arrange a private meeting with Renner and the Reese family last month.

Michael Reese, Kenzie’s father, told Gephardt Daily about the experience. 

“During our conversation, as he [Renner] was talking and being sweet with her, while she had the biggest smile on, Kenzie asked to get down and happily climbed onto Jeremy Renner’s lap.

It was one of the sweetest moments we have enjoyed over the last few declining weeks and we want to say again, thank you to the many individuals who helped make this happen. This will be a sweet memory we will be able to hold onto and cherish.”

Renner kept in touch with the Reese family during the upcoming weeks. His daughter even painted this picture for Kenzie and Renner shared it on social media.


Kenzie passed away on April 19, 2016. Renner posted and re-tweeted multiple posts about Kenzie.

For more information about Kenzie and how you can honor her memory, go to the Facebook page set up for those who have been following her story for the past year.

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