Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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Latter-Day Saint Creates Start-Up to Help Us Remember Passed Loved Ones But Needs Your Help

To say losing a loved one is challenging would be an incredible understatement, even if you know families can be together forever. Along with that, the fear of forgetting a lost loved one can almost be unbearable. At least that’s how Meeshell Hélas, founder of FamilyBinds, felt as she watched her aging grandmother.

“My heart breaks any time I talk to my grandma as she rarely remembers me. Growing up with her, I have many fond memories of us spending time together. And while she hasn’t passed away, I’m saddened my children won’t get to know her as I have and, even more, I’m afraid she’ll be forgotten,” shares Hélas.

While Hélas’ grandma might forget, Hélas refuses to let her be forgotten and this is the passion that drives FamilyBinds. FamilyBinds is a website where you can create personalized illustrated children’s books to memorialize your passed loved one’s life.

“I thought if this is something so meaningful to me, maybe it could help others as well,” Hélas said.

Since this initial thought, Hélas has interviewed and surveyed hundreds of people nationwide to see if this is something others would want and, if so, what life events are most meaningful for people to share. After this, she worked with gifted writers and illustrators to create pages and storylines that can be personalized to match everyone’s unique life story. Next, she worked with talented developers to create a website where people can easily create their personalized books.

How does it work?


First, you will choose an avatar that best represents your passed loved one. Next, you will choose life events you’d like included in the book such as where he/she was born, did they get married, have a family, immigrate, attend college, and more. The program will match the pre-written storyline, correlating illustrations, and avatar to make your personalized book. This can be done in a matter of minutes. In addition, you will be able to add to and change the storyline, write additional stories at the end, add photos, and create a family tree if you’d like. FamilyBinds books will cost only $15 for digital copies and $45 for a physical hardback book.

FamilyBinds Avatars

How can you help?

Hélas has launched a Kickstarter alongside her husband and an awesome team of developers, artists, and interns. You can click here to learn more and support this project. 

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