LDS Birth Mom's Emotional Video Message to Son Goes Viral

LDS Birth Mom’s Emotional Video Message to Son Goes Viral

An emotional video LDS birth mom Hannah Mongie shot in 2016 is going viral again.


The video is a nine-minute message to her son, Taggart, made in the last hour she spent with him before she officially gave him to his new adoptive parents, Brad and Emily Marsh.

“This is for you Tagg,” Mongie says through tears. “I made this video you know how much I love you. I wanted to tell you why I made the decision to place you with your family.”

Mongie explains she and her boyfriend Kaden Whitney met when they were young and wrote to each other while Whitney was serving his LDS mission. After he got home, the two dated and Mongie eventually became pregnant. However, two days after Whitney heard his son’s heartbeat for the first time, he tragically passed away in his sleep from a seizure.





“From the day your daddy died, I had a hard time even considered placing you with a different family when you were my last piece of Kaden. But, one day I woke up and I just knew you were supposed to be with someone else,” Mongie says as she cuddles with Taggart from her hospital bed.

“I made this decision purely out of love because I knew I couldn’t give you what I knew you needed, which is a mommy and a daddy. I hope you’re daddy’s watching over us right now.”



Throughout the video, Mongie describes how she made her gut-wrenching decision and how much she loves the Marshes as her son’s birth parents.

Mongie has a close relationship with the Marshes and gets to see Taggart often.



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