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LDS Youth in England Paint Local Academy as Service

LDS Young Women in England Paint Local Academy as Service

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Sixty five girls and twenty youth leaders from the Northampton area of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were involved in a service project at George Grenville Academy, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire during the school holidays.

The service project was part of the Northampton annual young women’s camp which brings girls from a wide region including Northampton, Duston, Kettering, Huntingdon, Bedford, Milton Keynes and Bletchley for a combination of spiritual education, fun, learning, challenging activities such as hiking and self-defence, and an annual service project.

A whole ‘mini army’ of people, 65 young women, aged between 12 and 18 years, and 20 leaders, descended on the school for 3 hours, making a grand total of 250 hours of work! The girls not only worked hard but brought a whole range of talents including gardening, painting, tidying, carpet cleaning, updating and renewing display boards and designing artwork to help launch the values of the school. The girls painted several classrooms, cleaned carpets, transformed the garden and cleared a pond area that had been waiting for improvement for some time.

Gill Barstow, a local youth Church leader commented,

“This kind of service activity is a key part of our faith as a church. It is great for our young people to reach out to the community and make a difference like this. Thanks to the George Grenville Academy for giving us the opportunity to serve.”

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