LDSDaily's Top 10 LDS Articles of 2015

LDSDaily’s Top 10 LDS Articles of 2015

Before 2016 rolls around, take a look back on LDSDaily’s top news stories and articles of 2015!

1. Church Announces 4-Hour Block & New Curriculum

Our April Fool’s Joke introducing a new Sunday schedule went viral this year with almost a half million views in a single day. Read it here.


2.  What Is The Funniest Moment From General Conference?

What Is the Funniest Moment from General Conference?We took ten hilarious General Conference moments and had our readers vote on their favorite. President Gordon B. Hinckley is currently in the lead with almost 5,000 votes. Watch all the videos here.


3.  The Most Successful Male Porn Star Of All Time Speaks Out

The Most Successful Male Porn Star Of All Time Speaks Out

Fight the New Drug, an anti-pornography movement, released a new video featuring Greg, the “most popular, most decorated male adult film star of all time.” Greg relates how porn dramatically changed his ability to feel love and almost ruined his life. Now, Greg is speaking out against porn. You can watch Greg tell his story here.


4. Mormon NFL Player Fined For Watching Daughter During Halftime


Eric Weddle, LDS member and safety for the San Diego Chargers, was fined $10,000 for watching his daughter perform during half-time instead of going to the locker room. Read the story here.


5. President Monson…I Wish I Could Have Come and Held You Up

President Monson...I Wish I Could Have Come and Held You Up

Greg Trimble wrote this heartfelt piece after President Monson struggled to stand at the pulpit during General Conference. Read it here.


6. Church Announces New Adoption Policy

Church Announces New Adoption Policy

In March, the Church announced a partnership with that allows eligible Latter-day Saint couples to use the site free through the end of February 2016. Learn more here.


7. Why Millennials Aren’t Marrying (Even Within the Church)

Why Millennials Aren't Marrying (Even Within the Church)

This commentary on the LDS dating scene discusses how fear is affecting millennials more than people may be realizing and how we can take steps to fix it. Read it all here.


8. Church Adds Female Leaders to Three Leading Church Councils

Church Adds Female Leaders to Three Leading Church Councils

On a Facebook post, Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson announced a significant change as she and the other General women presidents were added to three Church councils. Read the full story here.


9.  The Piano Guys Release Fight Song/Amazing Grace Mashup

The Piano Guys Release Fight Song/Amazing Grace Mashup

Filmed on location in Scotland, this mashup by The Piano Guys quickly become a favorite. You can watch the entire video here.


10. I Am The Daughter of Lesbians, And I Am A Mormon

After the Church announced policy clarifications regarding same-sex marriages and children of same-sex couples, one woman raised by two mothers wanted to speak out. Here’s her story.

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