Miracle in Texas Latter-day Saints Discover, Donate Thousands of Surgical Masks

Miracle in Texas: Latter-day Saints Discover, Donate Thousands of Surgical Masks

As the world continues to face the sweeping effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints continue to look for God’s grace. A great example that illustrates the hand of the Lord amid troubling times is this story of Latter-day Saints in Texas.

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Late Monday night, Bishop Steve Cooper from College Station, Texas, had a very unexpected memory come to his mind. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey brought devastating floods to Texas. Latter-day Saints worked tirelessly to help clean up homes that had been damaged. Now, Bishop Cooper suddenly remembered seeing left-over boxes of surgical masks in his local meetinghouse. When he went to check the emergency supply closet, he discovered over 8,000 N95 surgical masks stored carefully away.

With the aid of multiple stake members and leaders from the College Station Texas Stake, all of the masks were donated to three trauma hospitals in the area.

“I call it a miracle. That why in the world would I have 7,000-8,000 masks sitting in my attic for actually several years, boxed up, safe, secure? When you see these things, and all of a sudden that inspiration, I guess is what I’m going to call it, that now is the time to bring the masks out,” Bishop Cooper told a local news station.

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All photos courtesy of the College Station Latter-day Saint News Facebook group.

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