Mitt Romney “harangued” at Church to Run For President

Despite losing presidential bids in 2012 and 2008, Mitt Romney is still getting asked to run for president in 2016 according to an article published by the Washington Post. Despite strong encouragement from friends, ward members, and even a current presidential candidate, Mitt still says he’s not interested.

In the article, Mitt stated, “I go to church, I get harangued at church. ‘Oh, you’ve got to run!’ Look, I had one person who was running for president, and I won’t give you the name … called me and said, ‘I hope you don’t close the door. We may need you.’ That’s a person running for president! A candidate. A Republican. I’m not giving it a second thought.”

If you, like me, were still thinking that Mitt was going to make his big announcement someday (soon), it sounds like we’re out of luck. Many American citizens agree that it would be a huge win for the country in general to have a God-fearing individual in the Oval Office, but It sounds like we’re going to have to settle for… Donald Trump?…


We know from the second chapter of the book of Ether that the United States of America is a choice land above all other lands. It also teaches that if we do not serve God, we will be swept off. Kinda scary considering the direction our country is headed.

Mitt, if you’re reading this, consider this another plea from a fellow church member to reconsider running for president.

It sounds like all we can do at this point is pray that Mitt has a mighty change of heart as described by another fearless, God-fearing leader, Alma.


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