A Mormon Was Asked to Open Day 3 of the Republican National Convention

A Mormon Was Asked to Open Day 3 of the Republican National Convention

Nathan Johnson, Second Counselor in the Kirtland Ohio Stake Presidency, was asked to give the invocation on Day 3 of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. You can watch the prayer and read the full text below.

Our loving Father in Heaven, we thy children bow our heads and give thee thanks for this beloved nation, for its inspired founding and for the freedoms that we enjoy. We ask for thy blessing upon tonight’s proceedings and upon those who will be participating. Please bless all of our leaders Father, that they may have wisdom and humility as they serve. We thank thee for all those men and women who serve to protect this country and defend her freedoms. Please watch over them and comfort their families. We ask, Father, that thou wilt bless our enemies and we pray for those who oppose our ideals and seek to do us harm, that their hearts will be softened.

Please bless all who are afflicted, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, especially children. Bless those affected by disaster or violence or terror, those who go without, those who suffer with sickness, pain, doubt, loneliness, or grief. May they be comforted through thy spirit and helped through our acts of selfless service. Bless us that we may be a people who pray to thee, that with bowed heads or on bended knee, we and this heaven rescued land may praise the power that hath made and preserved us a nation.

And Father, we pray for healing, healing for our society, healing for the family, even that healing that comes through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We pray that He who is the Great Physician may mend our division and contention and bring us peace in our world, in communities, and in our homes. We humbly pray in the name of thy beloved son, Jesus Christ, amen.


Deseret News posted a slideshow on their Facebook page of Utah delegates visiting the Kirtland Temple. Utah Senator Mike Lee also shared this experiences of visiting the historical sites.



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