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New Book Illuminates the Creation, Symbolism Behind Rome Italy Temple Stained Glass

Before thousands rejoiced at the dedication of the Rome Italy Temple this past week, a decade’s worth of excitement and work went into creating the magnificent structure and surrounding grounds.

One of the most talked about features is the stunning and twenty-by-seven foot stained glass window in the Vistors’ Center, created by Tom Holdman and his associates at Holdman Studios.




Entitled “Come unto Me,” the installation has five panels featuring stories and parables of healing from the Savior’s life. While some are fairly obvious, each panel is teeming with more subtle symbols that become more powerful as you find them.

Though most are not able to travel to Italy to see this magnificent piece of art in person, you can now take an in-depth look at its creation and the symbolism behind each piece of glass thanks to a new book.

Come unto Me: Illuminating the Savior's Life, Mission, Parables, and Miracles

“Come unto Me: Illuminating the Savior’s Life, Mission, Parables, and Miracles” was compiled by Brad Wilcox, Gayle Holdman, Tyler Griffin, Anthony Sweat, and features the artwork of Holdman. The authors, a team of respected gospel teachers, share stunning insights and new perspectives that allow for deeper understanding and, more important, greater application of Christ’s teachings in our lives today. Open the pages and see the beautiful depictions of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the loaves and fishes. Then read the passages and find yourself in each parable and miracle.

Come unto Me: Illuminating the Savior's Life, Mission, Parables, and Miracles

“My goal as a visual artist was to inspire emotions and thought-provoking questions in each viewer,” Holdman writes in the book’s introduction. “It is those emotions and questions that are explored more in depth within the pages of this book.”

The book is available for purchase here.  

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