New York Times Article Features Latter-day Saint Women’s Frank Discussion About Sacred Garments

A New York Times article published Wednesday highlighted the ongoing discussion Latter-day Saint women have about the comfort of sacred temple garments—and why the discussion can be so uncomfortable to bring up.

It features the experience of Sasha Piton, a Church member who shared online how wearing her garments caused her to get extremely painful rashes. The response to her social media post showed many other women faced similar struggles.

“[Piton] had tapped into a familiar problem that few women in the church felt bold enough to discuss publicly,” the article shared. “Her posts drew thousands of comments and private messages, in which women vented their frustrations with the holy apparel: itchy hems, bunchy seams, pinching waistbands and even chronic yeast infections caused by fabric that does not breathe.”

The article shared multiple thoughts from Church members, including obstetrician-gynecologist Kellie Woodfield and Afton Southam Parker, a mother of five who has worked hard to advocate for more thoughtful designs. She had the opportunity to present a slideshow to a Church designer about some of the problems current garment designs can pose for women. The article states:

 “You’re talking about pads and gore,” she recalled the man responding at first. The implication was that such earthy topics were inappropriate for discussions of sacred matters.

The article also includes the powerful testimony of garments from columnist Jana Riess, who said, “One of the most beautiful things about them is they are underwear. It expresses my belief that there’s no part of my messy humanity that isn’t beloved of God.”

You can read the full article here at the New York Times.

The video below was created by the Church to better explain the purpose of sacred temple garments in members’ lives.


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