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Outdoors For Youth Helps Latter-day Teens Discover God Through Adventure

Outdoors For Youth Helps Latter-day Teens Discover God Through Adventure

For thousands of youth around the world, the pandemic and ongoing worldwide events have led to increasing isolation and a sense of apprehension. More than ever before, they need the chance to connect with others and with Christ through engaging and meaningful experiences. Outdoors for Youth, a summer adventure camp for Latter-day Saints provides not only the fun your teen needs but a defining opportunity to discover their divine identity.


Founded in 2018 by a team of experiential education experts with a passion for facilitating gospel growth in the outdoors, Outdoors for Youth (OFY) is located just outside of Rexburg, Idaho, and runs a series of 5-day programs throughout that summer. Each session includes white water rafting, nightly devotionals, high ropes courses, team building activities, testimony meetings, dances, and more. Everything has been designed to point back to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“The purpose of OFY is to create an experience and a space outside for kids to come closer to God and have enriching activities where they can really find that inside of themselves and have the chance to reach out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves, and just dig a little deeper into who they are,” said OFY counselor Alyssa.

Any youth between the ages of 14-18 can register for the 2022 OFY season. There are 10 different sessions to choose from between June and August—the OFY team has just added more sessions after filling up every available slot last year.

“This camp changed my life,” said former participant Kelsey. “I was a camper a few years ago and the counselors and the rest of the staff showed me unconditional love and help without even knowing the trials I was going through. We did insanely fun activities…but we also had every chance to talk about the gospel and the Savior. They taught simple principles in a way that was so poignant and forever strengthened my testimony.”

Amber, a mother of a participant, shared, “I can’t recommend OFY enough! My daughter is a doer, not a sitter. She came home from OFY brimming with excitement. Her top 3 fave activities were rafting and two testimony-building activities.”

Do you think OFY might be a good fit for your teen? There are still spots available! Click here to learn more about registering your youth for 2022.

The OFY team has also created a special Outdoors for Women program. A gospel-centric conference designed by women, for women, it is open to all women ages 18 and older. It includes many of the fun adventure activities from OFY but includes yoga, rock climbing, musical jam sessions, and specialized workshops to learn new skills and create. You can learn more about Outdoors for Women here.

The programs offered through OFY promote fun, friendship, and greater faith. For a limited time, get $75 off any session with code LDSDaily2022. Click on the image below to get started.

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