The Only Pair of Temple Pants You'll Ever Need & The Story Behind Them

The Only Pair of Temple Pants You’ll Ever Need & The Surprising Story Behind Them

For Latter-day Saint women, there are multiple options when it comes to finding comfortable temple clothing. For Latter-day Saint men? Not so much.

However, a new LDS clothing company hopes they have the solution.

“Both Dave and I hated our temple pants,” says Scott Nelson. He is joined by his wife, Erika, and another couple, Dave and Jennica Felsted, as the co-founders of Far West Clothing.

“As we looked around for a good alternative, we found three different options for men, but dozens for women. The four of us talked about it on a phone call one night and explored the idea of making our own.”

What happened next can only be described as extraordinary. With little experience in the textile or clothing world, the four team members banded together to start a new company and create their first product. Dave had a degree in accounting. Jennica worked tirelessly with manufacturers. Erika understood both inventory and social media. Nelson has a degree in marketing.

“Throughout it all, everyone contributed, and without our team, we would have been years behind where we are today,” Nelson told us. “What’s great about the temple and about our values as a company is that we really eschewed a fashion-forward approach and really focused on the essentials of what we knew a great fitting pair of pants needed to have.”

The result of all their hard work? The Fielding Temple Pant.

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The Fielding Temple Pant is slim, but not skinny, and features a medium rise with an extra high back rise. This means the pants will be comfortable when you’re standing or sitting, and men of all shapes and sizes can be comfortable. The material is a poly cotton blend designed to be strong, wrinkle, tear, and stain resistant. They are also pre-shrunk.

While this definitely makes for a great pair of pants, the thing that mattered most to the Far West Clothing team was creating a product fit for the temple. They worked hard to avoid something that could be labeled as trendy or fashionable or even designs that could brand their company. You won’t find a visible logo or tag when you wear any of their products.

“A great fitting pair of pants is much less detracting than an ill-fitting pair. Our hope is that our pants, our ties, and everything else we have coming will simply compliment what you’re already comfortable wearing. We want you to feel great in the temple so that you can focus on what’s actually important,” Nelson said.

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You can order your own pair of the Fielding Temple Pant here. They also have a knit tie available, the Rockwell Tie, and two more products they plan to launch before summer.  As a company, they also hope to share goodness throughout the LDS community.

“We see Far West as an opportunity to foster collaboration and community. We hope to bring a little more light and positivity to people’s social media feeds, and we want to work with the myriad of companies and individuals producing like-minded content. We hope people come to us for the temple clothing options, but stay with us because our content makes their slice of Instagram a bit better, and they can count on us introducing them to a fantastic community,” Nelson said. Check out their Instagram account here.

At the end of the day, the goal of Far West Clothing is to help you have a great experience at the temple.

“I truly hope people take the time to look carefully at our Fielding Pants and the values they represent. It’s so easy to miss the mark or cut corners in the clothing industry. We live in an era of fast fashion, 30% clearance sales, and we’ve essentially devalued craftsmanship. I just really hope people know that our pants cost more because they were designed and manufactured in the USA. I hope they take a second to handle the material between their fingers and they get a sense for the enduring quality of the fabric. Then, I hope they put them on, go to the temple, and forget all about us for a few decades until they need a new pair.”

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