Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Parents of Missionary Shot in Alabama Provide Update

On the evening of December 3, 2021, Elder Micahel Fauber began talking to a young man who had entered the cultural hall where a basketball game was being held. Elder Fauber testified to the man about things he believe to be true—Jesus Christ and the witness of Christ in the Book of Mormon.

Seconds later, the unidentified young man, who is still at large, shot Elder Fauber multiple times. In an exclusive interview with Church News, Elder Fauber’s parents share an update on how their son is doing and the powerful testimony he continues to share.

According to what David and Rachel Fauber were told by the doctors, who rushed from Ohio to be at their son’s side, Elder Fauber was hit by five bullets. Two struck him in the right side of the chest and one grazed his head, leaving a scratch. Had the path of the bullets been a mere few inches different, the Fauber’s and the doctors are confident Elder Fauber would not have survived. He’s had three surgeries and is currently being weaned off sedatives and having his breathing tube removed.

When Elder Fauber was first able to communicate with his parents he asked if he was going to die. When his parents said they didn’t think so and asked if he was afraid, Elder Fauber wrote down on a pad, “No. I know that if I do, I know where I will go.”

Kathryn Sherman, the director of communications for the Dayton stake where the Faubers are from has continued relaying messages for the family. “Elder Fauber is full of faith and a desire to serve the Lord — he will just go and do, without even a thought,” Sherman told Church News. “He’s willing to stand up and do whatever is needed.”

Multiple tender mercies have blessed the Faubers through this difficult time. The lead trauma surgeon on their son’s case is a member of the Church as was his anesthesiologist. The missionaries who witnessed the shooting were able to properly provide first aid while waiting for the ambulance, alongside a priesthood blessing. Local mission leaders and members are helping Sister Fauber as she remains in Alabama. The recovery will be lengthy, but the Faubers are hopeful.

“He’s not completely out of the woods yet, and doctors are hopeful that he’s going to have a good recovery,” Brother Fauber told Church news. “But whether he does or does not doesn’t change the way we feel about the Savior or the gospel.”

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