Primary Songs, Prayers Strengthened Victims of Boating Accident

Primary Songs, Prayers Strengthened Victims of Boating Accident

By Kylie Ravsten of

Tiffany Stoker, 14, and Tylinn Tilley, 13, survived a tragic boat accident on Bear Lake in Northern Utah on Monday that killed four.

In total, nine girls, four mothers and one father made the trip, but some of them decided to stay on shore for the last run of the day. It was while on that last run that a storm rolled in and caused the boat to capsize. After hours in the water, hypothermia took the lives of Dr. Lance Capener and his two daughters, Kelsey, 13, and Kilee, 7, and family friend Siera Hadley, 13. Kathryn Capener, Lance’s wife, and Tiffany and Tylinn survived.

When the boat first capsized, the group attempted to stay close together, but as the waves grew, Lance, Kathryn and Kilee became separated from the other girls.

In an attempt to find help, Tiffany and Tylinn began swimming to shore while Kelsey and Hadley stayed with the boat. Tiffany and Tylinn swam for three hours singing primary songs and shouting prayers to each other in order to be heard over the waves.

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