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Returned Missionaries: This Awesome App Needs Your Help!

Returned Missionaries: This Awesome App Needs Your Help!

An inspired new app now makes sharing and learning about any Latter-day Saint mission in the world easier than ever before.

Lifey, founded by Alex Balinski and launched in August 2018, is a video sharing platform where anyone can submit short (60 second or less) clips via their mobile device on a variety of topics for the public to view. On the app, users can browse videos about 15+ topics related to each mission- such as crazy foods, culture tips, inspirational stories, language tips, and packing advice.

In just a few months time, more than 450 returned missionaries have contributed stories and insights relating to their mission, with more than 4,400 mission videos already published.

However, the Lifey team is still looking for returned missionaries around the world to contribute to the app’s database. Any returned missionary just the needs their phone, the app, and a few spare minutes. If you would like to contribute, here’s a short video walkthrough.


Someone preparing to serve a mission may find it very beneficial to hear different insights and advice from missionaries who have already served in their mission. The hope is that whether one is serving in Alaska, Guatemala, or Zimbabwe they will find helpful information about their mission that will assist them in better preparing for when their time comes to serve the Lord.

Balinski first began creating an extensive resource for learning about different missions through his Youtube Channel called Prepare to Serve in 2012. He interviewed hundreds of returned missionaries about their experiences in an effort to provide a place where newly called missionaries could learn more about the mission they were called to serve in. Now called Lifey, the channel has over 100 million minutes of content viewed and more than 75,000 subscribers.

Despite the success of the YouTube channel, Balinksi felt there had to be a more impactful, user-friendly way to share information about missions and other topics. This belief eventually led to the birth of the Lifey app.

You can download Lifey for iOS or Android, for free.

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