Friday, July 1, 2022
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See the Demolished North Visitors' Center on Temple Square

See the Demolished North Visitors’ Center on Temple Square

Construction continues at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Salt Lake Temple has been closed for renovation since December 2019, which includes major changes to the existing visitor centers.

The demolition of the North Visitors’ Center, which was first announced in June 2021, is on track for completion by January 2022. Debris, such as concrete and steel, is carefully sorted for recycling purposes. The replica of the Christus statue was carefully removed from the facility this summer for preservation. The statue will be reinstalled on Temple Square at the end of the renovation.

The area where the North Visitors’ Center previously stood will become a contemplative garden space with clear views of the temple. It will also include additional restrooms to support events in the Tabernacle and Assembly Hall. At the start of the Temple Square renovation project in January 2020, the main arrival center and primary venue for guests shifted to the Conference Center.


You can read about the latest updates in the construction of the Salt Lake City Temple and Temple Square here.

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