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Sister Missionaries Share Gospel in Rome with Amazing Chalk Art

Sister Missionaries Share Gospel in Rome with Amazing Chalk Art

A sister missionary serving in the Italy Rome Mission used her artistic talents to share the gospel in the heart of the city. She shared a little bit of her story with us below!

Sister Tanner (left) and Sister Willis (right).

Ciao! I am Sister Willis from Midway Utah serving in the Italy Rome mission. My companion is Sister Tanner from Draper Utah. My companion and I wanted to share the message of the restored gospel, so we used our time and talents to draw others nearer to Christ. 

We found some smooth ground (that wasn’t cobblestone) in the center of Rome and got to work! I was the one creating the chalk drawing while my companion answered questions about the gospel. We spoke to many people from Italy and all over the world. It was successful! We invited people to come to church, the Rome Temple Visitor’s Center, and to read the Book of Mormon.  

The chalk drawings remained on the street for a few days where members of the church found them. They were also able to have conversations about the gospel and the temple. We would love to invite all to serve others by sharing the gospel in creative ways!

Sister Willis studied fine art at Utah Valley University for five semesters before starting her mission.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints takes the commission of Jesus Christ to share the gospel with all the world seriously. Many young adults around the world serve as full-time missionaries who serve in their communities and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. You can learn about missionaries here!


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