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Stephanie Nielson Announces End to Blogging Journey

Stephanie Nielson Announces End to Blogging Journey

For Latter-day Saints, Stephanie Nielson has been an inspirational figure for nearly two decades. She became a prominent blogger, author, and speaker after a 2008 plane crash changed her life forever. Now, she’s announced an end to her blogging journey.

“My blog has been a priority in my life for almost 17 years,” she shared in her final entry. “That’s a really, really long time! As I have prayerfully considered my life and my priorities now, publicly blogging is ‘receding in priority.'”

The impetus for the decision began in 2019 when President Russell M. Nelson promised the women of the Church in his talk Spiritual Treasures that if they would examine their lives and shift their focus away from worldly distractions, they would find certain things receding in priority. On social media, Nielson also added, “For some time now I have felt prompted to let go of blogging. I am after all entering a new chapter of life; Claire is going on a mission, I’m turning 40 this year, my children are getting bigger, and I find myself needing more simplicity, peace, and privacy.”

Nielson expressed her gratitude in her last post and said, “I have confidence that He will bless me and my family with the things that we need and desire by letting things recede naturally in our lives. I LOVE YOU!” She also expressed her plans to continue sharing life updates on her personal Instagram. She has since removed nearly all blog posts from her website.

Many expressed their thanks to Nielson for her years of stories and inspiration.

“I have faithfully read your blog every day for twelve years. Your faith and testimony have buoyed me up. I am so grateful for your example and radiant light as a disciple of Christ. You truly are one of those “certain women” who I look to for guidance and example. Thank you Nie Nie,” one said.

You can watch Nielson’s original video message for the Church about her story below.

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