Stephanie “NieNie” Nielson Creates New Charity, Beauty Rises


In 2008, Stephanie Nielson and her husband Christian were in an airplane crash. Over 80% of her body was burned and the road to healing was long. Yet beauty truly rises from ashes, and Stephanie is now a popular blogger, author, and speaker who inspires millions where her dedication to live a beautiful, fulfilling life despite pain and challenges.

One of the challenges Stephanie faced early on in her journey was finding beauty in her new body. Now, as part of her ongoing effort to help others understand where true beauty comes from, she and Christian have organized a public charity, “Beauty Rises.”

“A year after my physical beauty was literally burned away, I felt something rise up within me. The thought of having a beautiful life again gave me hope and I wanted to heal, ” Stephanie said in her blog post announcing the charity.

The goal of Beauty Rises is to help change cultural attitudes about beauty by creating visual messages to demonstrate “how beauty rises” and then sharing these messages with patients in hospitals, schools, and communities. Service projects and public events are also part of the organization.

“I want to promote the hundreds of true and inspiring stories that I have seen in the people that I have met over the years.  And I want to share these messages of hope with people who need it most,” Stephanie said.

The charity is in the startup phases and is currently seeking donations to help get off the ground. You can learn more about how to support this causes by visiting the official website,

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