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Courtesy of Joe Mount

Temple News & Updates | Week of 11 February 2018

Thanks to members of the church worldwide and our friends at for providing these updates. Please Note: We report all information we are given. It is possible that progress has been made on other temples worldwide that we have not been made aware of.  If you have updates (including pictures or video) about a temple near you, feel free to send it to calledtoshare (at) 


Window Openings Covered in Durban

To keep out rain and dust, the window opening at the Durban South Africa Temple have been boarded while workers insulate walls and hang drywall. The roof decking has been waterproofed and battens are being secured. Stairs on the west outer wall will soon be poured.

Courtesy of Site Missionary


Reservations Available for Utah Open House

Open house tickets are now available to tour the newly renovated Jordan River Utah Temple. The open house runs from Saturday 17 March through Saturday 28 April, excluding Sundays. Reserve your tickets here.

© 2005, Rick Satterfield


Steady Progress in North Carolina

Crews at the Raleigh North Carolina Temple have completed dismantling the interior of the building and are making quick progress on removing the marble cladding from the exterior. Improvements to the temple include changes to the floor plan, updates to all mechanical and electrical systems, and significant alterations to the exterior appearance.

Courtesy of Jason Bailey | Interior dismantled; removing marble cladding


Chilean Temple Approaches Completion

The Concepción Chile Temple is entering its final months of construction. Interior finish work is nearly complete, art glass is being installed, and soft landscaping is progressing.

Courtesy of Victor Alejandro Zaldivar Poblete


An Aerial View over Rome

The well-defined grounds of the Rome Italy Temple complex are visible in a stunning new aerial photograph. Advancements are being made on the landscaping and on all our buildings on the temple complex. Construction has been underway for 7 1/2 years. No completion date has been announced.

Courtesy of Joe Mount


DRC Updates

At the Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple, crews are making steady progress on the roof, steeple, and exterior paint. Construction of a guardhouse is well underway at the entrance. Inside, stone and tile work is set to begin shortly.

Courtesy of Courtesy of Democratic Republic of the Congo Mormon Newsroom

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