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Temple News & Updates | Week of 24 July

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South Africa Progresses Toward Second Temple

Work in the basement of the Durban South Africa Temple and the missionary housing facility included installation of stairs this week. Concrete ceilings were sanded and brickwork began this week as well. Roofs for two entrance facilities and the top of the housing facility elevator shaft was poured. Steel is set into place for the east soffit wall of the temple.

Courtesy of Site Missionary | As seen from public viewing area northwest of the temple site.


Scaffolding Returns to Jordan River Utah Temple

As renovation work progresses, scaffolding has been placed around the temple exterior walls. While no official renovation completion date has been announced, it is predicted that the Temple will reopen mid-2018.

Courtesy of Evan Millett


Basement Addition Progress in Germany

From the construction site entrance to the Frankfurt Germany Temple, exterior forms for the basement addition can easily be seen. Once completed, the addition will be almost entirely buried underground. Protruding portions will be worked into and hidden by the landscaping.

Courtesy of Mitchell Swart


Rome Construction Trailers Donated

The office trailers at the Rome Italy Temple have been donated to local organizations. The offices that previously occupied the trailers have been relocated to the patron housing facility on-site. Watch a video below!

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