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Courtesy of Alan Fullmer

Temple News & Updates | Week of 26 June

Thanks to members of the church worldwide and our friends at for providing these updates. If you have updates (including pictures or video) about a temple near you, feel free to send it to calledtoshare (at)

Brick Laying Continues in DRC

The exterior facade of the Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple is nearly covered in white insulation and brick. Crews have attached purlins across the steel rafters to form the framework of the roof.

Courtesy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Mormon Newsroom


Palm Trees Planted in Chile

Two rows of palm trees have been planted at the Concepción Chile Temple, providing a stately welcome to the temple grounds. Crews are hard at work both inside and outside of the temple. In the photo below the vapor barrier (aqua) and insulation (grey) are visible on the exterior walls.

Courtesy of Elder Fred Stephenson


Spire Repairs Continue at Bountiful Utah Temple

Courtesy of Steven M Reyes

A photo taken Monday evening shows scaffolding atop the Bountiful Utah Temple as repairs to the spire continue. The repairs include rust removal, and improving airflow to prevent future moisture problems.


Renovations Announced for Three U.S. Temples

The First Presidency announced that three temples in the United States will close for renovations. The Mesa Arizona Temple will close in May 2018 and reopen in 2020. The Raleigh North Carolina and Baton Rouge Louisiana temples will close in early 2018 and reopen in 2019. Public open house and rededication information will become available at a later date.


Progress in South Africa

Courtesy of Site Missionary

A new photo shows the rising brick walls of an entrance facility to the Durban South Africa Temple along with towering palm trees lining the drive. At the temple crews are prepping plumbing, setting rebar, and preparing the floor and baptismal font areas for concrete. Exterior brick is arriving for the missionary housing facility.


Meridian  Idaho  Temple Grounds

A stunning aerial view of the Meridian Idaho Temple shows the nearly complete landscaping on the extensive grounds. Interior finishing touches are underway. The temple is set to be dedicated on Sunday 19 November 2017. Tickets will be available at a future date for the public Open House to be held Saturday 21 October through Saturday 11 November.

Courtesy of Alan Fullmer

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