Temple News & Updates | Week of 11 August 2019

Thanks to members of the church worldwide and ChurchofJesusChristTemples.org for providing these updates. Please Note: It is possible that progress has been made on temples not included in this article that we have not been made aware of.  If you have updates (including pictures or video) about a temple near you, feel free to send it to calledtoshare (at) ldsdaily.com.


The Church Announces Renovation Details for the Hong Kong China Temple

In an interview with the senior project manager, Mark Berry, he stated that “these improvements will add to the beauty of this magnificent temple” that was originally completed in 1996. A full article on the renovation details can be found on LDS Daily here.


Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple Opens Doors For the Public to Tour

On August 6th, the Church announced that the open house for the Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple will begin on August 8th of 2019. This beautiful temple will then be open for the public to attend and witness its beauty. Additionally, individuals who attend the open house will be able to learn of the blessings of the temple and how families are brought closer together through attending.


Arequipa Peru Temple Moves Closer to Completion

Arequipa Peru Temple
Photo Courtesy of Templo de Arequipa-Peru Facebook Page

As the Arequipa Peru Temple moves closer to its completion, Church members within the area are very excited because of the temple’s idyllic setting. The temple is surrounded by pastureland where cows and other animals eat the soft green grass that surrounds this magnificent structure. Finish work is progressing as builders are currently working on light fixtures, marble trim, detailed mill work, and the interior art glass. Currently, the temple is scheduled to be completed by early November.


Lisbon Portugal Temple Open House Begins August 17th

Lisbon Portugal Temple
Photo Courtesy of Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

The Lisbon Portugal Temple has finished its construction, and the open house is set to begin on August 17th of 2019. All members of the community are invited to attend and come witness the beauty of this temple within one of Portugal’s most popular cities.

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