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Temple News & Updates | Week of 26 April 2020

Thanks to members of the church worldwide and for providing these updates. Please Note: It is possible that progress has been made on temples not included in this article that we have not been made aware of.  If you have updates (including pictures or video) about a temple near you, feel free to send it to calledtoshare (at)

Location of Bentonville Arkansas Temple Announced

Photo Courtesy of Google

The location of the Bentonville Arkansas Temple has been announced as an 8.8-acre site behind the stake center for the Bentonville Arkansas Stake at 1101 McCollum Road. The single-story temple will be approximately 25,000 square feet with a center spire. Design plans are still being finalized. Renderings of the exterior and interior of the temple will be released at a later date. Project leaders are working with City officials on preliminary plans and will soon file public documents. No groundbreaking date has been determined yet. Click the link here to read our full coverage on this announcement.

Clearing the Richmond Virginia Temple Site

Photo Courtesy of Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Numerous trees have been removed from the Richmond Virginia Temple site where construction crews will soon set up shop to begin the work of building the temple, a meetinghouse, and grounds building. An existing residence will remain as part of the project, providing a home to the temple president and matron. Dozens of new trees will be planted across the beautiful grounds once the landscaping has commenced.

Plants Arriving at the Mesa Arizona Temple Grounds

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Kerrigan

Hundreds of plant-filled nursery pots are being delivered to the Mesa Arizona Temple for planting across the vast grounds, starting at the northwest corner of the lot. Cypress trees that were transplanted prior to the start of renovation are also returning the grounds. Installation of windows and ornamental fencing is nearing completion, as is road work along Lesueur and Hobson. Coping stones continue to be laid along the top of retaining walls and the borders of planter boxes. Cladding has begun on the exterior of the Family Discovery Center.

Concrete Poured for St. George Utah Temple Annex Foundation

Photo Courtesy of Sunroc

Crews performed an overnight pour at the St., George Utah Temple of a concrete slab, for the foundation of the new annex. The fresh concrete will adjoin the existing basement of the former annex, making it one foundation structure. All of the landscaping has been removed from the block except for trees around the perimeter and fenced-off islands of trees and grass that are being preserved for integration into the new landscape plan.

Firming Up the Foundation for the Bangkok Thailand Temple

Photo Courtesy of Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Plenty of concrete continues to be poured into the underground parking facility at the Bangkok Thailand Temple site. The immense structure is being shored up with concrete walls and pillars over the smooth floor that stretches from the front of the property to the back. Once the substructure has been completed, work can commence on the temple and adjoining Church facility.

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