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Temple News & Updates | Week of 26 January 2020

Thanks to members of the church worldwide and for providing these updates. Please Note: It is possible that progress has been made on temples not included in this article that we have not been made aware of.  If you have updates (including pictures or video) about a temple near you, feel free to send it to calledtoshare (at)

Groundbreaking Announced for Layton Utah, Alabang Philippines, and Richmond Virginia

Photo Courtesy of Scott C. Sorensen

This past Thursday, the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints announced the groundbreaking dates of the Richmond Virginia Temple, the Layton Utah Temple, and the Alabang Philippines Temple. It is set that the Richmond Virginia Temple will break ground on April 11th of this year, the Alabang Philippines Temple is set for May 2nd of this year, and the Layton Utah Temple breaking ground on May 30th of this year. To read more about the details of these three beautiful Temples, click here to read our full article on the announcements.

Earth Movers Arrive at the San Juan Puerto Rico Temple Site

Photo Courtesy of Templo San Juan, PR Facebook Page

After a disturbing series of earthquakes and aftershocks, residents of Puerto Rico have had their nerves shaken and a saddening amount of damaged property. After a long delay following last May’s groundbreaking ceremony, all of the government permits and approvals are in place to begin the full-scale construction of the San Juan Puerto Rico Temple and its adjoining meetinghouse. Heavy equipment will clear and rough grade the site in preparation for excavation.

Doors of the Durban South Africa Temple Open to the Public

Photo Courtesy of Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

This past Monday signaled the start of the Durban South Africa Temple open house event, which allowed many members of the community to come and tour this beautifully constructed temple within South Africa. This open house event will continue through February 1st of this year, with the dedication of this temple being on February 16th in a period of three sessions. To read our full article with images of the completed temple, click here.

Demolishing of the South Visitors’ Center on Temple Square

Photo Courtesy of Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Wrecking equipment is bringing down the South Visitors’ Center and portions of the south wall along Temple Square today. Removal of the building and wall will provide access to excavation crews who will dig along the foundation of the Salt Lake Temple. Trees, statues, and monuments were moved from the south side of the temple last week, and most of the landscaping is gone. The temple is being decommissioned by teams who are moving out furniture and abating hazardous material.

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