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Temple News & Updates | Week of January 23

Temple News & Updates | Week of January 23

Latter-day Saint temples continue to be built around the world as the gospel of Jesus Christ rolls forth. Here’s a quick look at temple news and updates from this last week.

Washington D.C. Temple Open House Extended

The Open House for the Washington D.C. Temple has been extended. See the full statement from the Temple Department here.

Inscription Stones On The Lima Peru Los Olivos and Richmond Virginia Temples

The inscription stones bearing the declaration “Holiness to the Lord: The House of the Lord” in Spanish and English have arrived and been installed on the Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple and the Richmond Virginia Temple.

The Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple:

And the Richmond Virginia Temple:

Bentonville Arkansas Temple’s Monument Sign

The monument sign for the Bentonville Arkansas Temple has been installed at the base of the retaining wall that surrounds the entrance plaza. The Bentonville Temple is the first for the state of Arkansas and will serve members from portions of four states.

General Construction On The Antofagasta Chile Temple

Excavation has been completed for the Antofagasta Chile Temple. Concrete forms are on-site to be installed for the foundation walls.

Temple Reopenings

The San José Costa Rica Temple will soon begin Phase 3.

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