There's Going to Be a Kirtland Session of EFY!

There’s Going to Be a Kirtland Session of EFY!

Especially For Youth (EFY) is a summer youth program for LDS teens ages 14-18 across the United States and around the world. Teens spend the week learning about Jesus Christ, building friendships, and growing testimonies.

Every year, special sessions have been held in important historical sites for the Church, such as Palmyra, New York, and Nauvoo, Illinois. This year, a special overnight will be held in Kirtland, Ohio. Kirtland is called a “City of Beauty and Faith” and has the first temple of the Restoration built there. Jesus Christ appeared in Kirtland and multiple heavenly manifestations occurred there as well. This year’s EFY theme is “A Way to Become.”

Are you interested in attending EFY at Kirtland? You can learn more about the session here! Want to find an EFY session near you or learn more about EFY in general? Click here.



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