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Thousands Lit the World, Including You

Thousands Lit the World, Including You

As the Christmas season comes to a close, people around the world are reflecting on a month of service. Thousands joined with in their initiative to light the world by doing as Jesus Christ would do for the twenty-five days of Christmas.

We have scoured through social media to find the most heart-warming #LIGHTtheWORLD posts. How has lighting the world impacted you? Go through this post and then share your stories and experiences in the comments.

Kenny Holland, known best for his role as Jimmy Flinders in the modern remake of Saturday’s Warrior, went with his family to sing carols at an assisted living home.

A man named Collin found how just how much a $4 swipe on his card could mean to a woman in the grocery store.


A few days ago we were at the store and needed to grab one last ingredient real quick for Christmas Eve scones. Collin noticed this sweet lady in the aisle with two canes as he was singing a Christmas song and had a feeling to help her. When she was figuring out the self checkout he pretended to help scan her food but paid for it too. It was only four bucks but was enough to make her cry and share with us that it wouldn’t be a very good Christmas since her husband is in a care center. I’m so grateful that Collin is such an amazing example of the spirit of Christmas for our family. Tonight we are eating the scones and it makes me cry again watching this because it was only a few dollars. It doesn’t take a lot to warm someone’s heart. ❤️✨ Merry Christmas Eve! #lighttheworld photo @madisondhuartphoto

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This ward family gathered together on Christmas to bring donations to their local Salvation Army.


This family makes sure their little loved one always has a Christmas tree for the holiday.


We love how this couple remembered everyone is a child of God and should feel loved.


To help honor his parents, this son wrote a heartfelt letter to his father.


“Dear Dad, I am thankful for your example of what a father, husband, grandfather, friend and business owner should be. You have shown me throughout my 26 years of life compassion, understanding, love, integrity, passion, drive, focus, kindness, strength, faith, forgiveness, good character, courage, leadership, perseverance, motivation, vision and so much more. You have been the stronghold in my life. You set a firm foundation and precedence by making the gospel of Jesus Christ a priority. You have taught me how to pray, you have taught me how to read scriptures and be grateful for everything that God has given me. I now teach my son how to pray, I now teach him how to read scriptures and I teach him to be grateful. Thank you for instilling love, the importance of God, as well as the importance of family and to go beyond the average of what is expected. As a child I have countless memories I have shared with you making animals out of clouds, teaching me how to read, warm and loving animal hugs. As an adult I cherish the relationship we have made with the memories and experiences we have shared. We have shared tears, have had great laughs, heartwarming hugs, inspirational and heart to heart talks. How blessed I am to call you Dad! It has been said the “the most important thing a father can do for his children, is to love their mother.” Oh and how far and beyond you have done in showing your love for your wife. Your love and care for our family shines brightly through you! Thank you for everything you have done to help provide growth in every area in my life. Thank you for encouraging me to continue to reach for the stars. When I think of all the good things that God has given me, you always come to mind. I love you dad and merry Christmas. Your son, Asi #LightTheWorld #LettersToMyFamily

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This group gave service to an orphanage in Mexico.


Service doesn’t have to be big, as show by this simple thank you to first responders.


This is visiting teaching done right!


A $20 bill is all it takes to make someone’s day.


Any student would have loved this.


Did you know these vending machines raised nearly half a MILLION dollars since they launched on December 1?

How has lighting the world changed your world?

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